About Us

Pureau is sourced from Bald Eagle Creek, in the heart of Central Pennsylvania. Our unique process takes water directly from the source and purifies it using a 10-step Advanced Multiple Purification™ process that includes carbon filtration, UV sterilization, and "dual pass" reverse osmosis. Then, it's enhanced with a unique blend of minerals which provides the crisp, refreshing Pureau taste you'll love.

But Pureau doesn't just taste great, it will make you feel great too. Because when you hold a bottle of Pureau you've got our eco-friendly promise in your hands. Our bottles are made with 100% recyclable materials, plus low-gram weight plastic and tray-less packaging.

Eco-Friendly Pledge

100% Recyclable

Pureau bottled water is produced with 100% recyclable materials


Low-gram weight plastic & tray-less packaging reduce the environmental impact made by any unrecycled bottles

Going Landfill Free

Our bottled water facility has a goal of being completely landfill free by 2020

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about Pureau, please contact us.